Bonding over fire…

The beauty of getting to know a new friend over the fire with different thoughts but in one family, IITH. All of them the seniors have been in that place of being a freshman in this campus, hence it’s an initiative that paves the way to break some ice. Nevertheless, the seniors made sure the little ones who just became a part of the campus feel comfortable in this seemingly new world.

Music helps people bond better over some nice chatting. The Rock bands of IITH gave a spectacular performance, the dance club swayed themselves and the audience to some hip rocking numbers. The presence of our director added an aura to the star studded night. Loads of information exchanged, and common interests emerged with the awesome conversations that lighted up the night. The air was filled with fun and joy, as people tapped their feet to the peppy numbers and a sense of belonging, a sense of togetherness and most importantly a sense of trust and friendship was nurtured amongst all those present there. Though it’s (the bond’s) just a sapling now, it will surely bloom and the fruits of joy would be there for all to reap. The night ended with lots of new memories and a few lovely friendships which we hope will last every spring and storm.


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