Friendship race


The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad carried on with the annual “Friendship Race” on 2nd August, Friendship Day, as a welcome event for the freshmen. The friendship race symbolizes strength and unity in the IITH community. The race was 3 kms for men and 2kms for women and it started with the Director (Chest no 1) as per tradition.

The race had 3 categories for participation, Men up to 35 years, Men above 35 years and women. Both the 3km and 2km stretch started near the boys’ hostel and terminated near the institute building of the temporary campus in the ODF estate. The provisions during the race were credible with checkpoints and glucose points at regular intervals and an ambulance for emergency. The event was carried out smoothly with no adversities.

The race concluded with Arul Poomalai, chest no 153, securing the 1st place in men below 35years, followed by Kiran kumar Kandula, chest no 241 and Murali Krishna, chest no 179, securing the 2nd and third positions respectively. The Men’ senior category concluded in Dr. Anil Agarwal securing the 1st place, followed by Dr. Prem Pal and Director, Dr. U.B. Desai respectively. The women’s race witnessed Banapuram Deepika chest no 69 crossing the finish line first, M Tejaswini, chest no 51, and Anjana Babu B chest no 82, being the runner-ups. Keshav Aske, a Btech 2nd year when asked about the race, said, “ I have been to this race past 2 years and I always look forward to it. Such events in an IIT should always be encouraged and I feel happy to be a part of it.”

The winners of the race were awarded for their success by the Director. The race was followed by refreshments to the likes of every contestant.


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