Cultural Orientations


“People don’t expect us IIT’ians to be good at Dance music and drama stuff.” Rightly said by Chetna who was representing ‘Vibes’ the music club of IITH, only to be proved otherwise by the spectacular performances by the seniors of the respective clubs. The Cultural orientations, aimed at drawing freshermen to the respective clubs, started around 8:30 pm, right after dinner, a phase when even the slightest boredom can induce sleep even in the most active of minds. The crowd didn’t show even a sign of it.

The orientations started with the Music Clubs powerful songs, when “The Rock star” Souraj Mandal, as called by his fellow band members, sang the famous song “The summer of 69” only for mike testing! What followed was some soulful performances by Pranavi, Joshua, Chetna, concluding with the entire hall humming to the tunes of popular Bollywood songs “Jaraasi dilme de jagah tu” and “Bhaag D.K Bose”, wherein even the culty secy, Mr. Rushikesh Alle(dance club lead) was seen playing some part on the Mike.

The Music club was followed by the VFX club showcasing their talents in film making and edits, with some funny videos of Students with some excellent edits. The movies club (“Behind the Lens”) made a cute video involving a lot of freshmen in a timeline followed by a teaser for their upcoming movie.

The Lights went dizzy when came on stage, “The Dance Club”, Led by Mr Rushikesh Alle, Cultural secretary of IITH and the crowd was witness to one of the best dance performances that ever happened in the campus. What made this performance look brighter was the fact that the club doesn’t rely on a choreographer for their steps and are in fact their true steps. Perhaps, such a responsive audience can spark even the dullest of events, let alone such talented dancers swaying on their self-structured beats! There weren’t any words required to attract the crowd to the club as the dance had its own voice that said “Join Us”.

The dance club was then replaced on stage by Ms Sukrutha who was representing ‘Gesture’, the Arts club of IITH. Considered as one of the most active clubs of IITH in view of organising various events, Ms Sukrutha urged the freshmen to partake in as many events as possible and discover their inner talents.

The photography club (Infocus) flew in with the Quad copter, its last year project in collaboration with the Sci-tech club, as a symbol of fusing art and technology. Some master clicks were put on display on the giant screen leaving many jaws in suspended animation. With a promise that of teaching cool photography skills to all, Infocus paved way to the Showstopper of the night, Rang de Manch!

Starting with a brief intro of the club members, in their own dramatic way, began the performance depicting the life of an IITian as he enters this new world of geeks. From the 1st day of hostel life to ‘interaction’ with seniors to the last day of exams and grades, the act said it all. The background sound clips were as catchy as they were humorous, combined with the mind blowing acts left everyone in laughter.

And the curtains were drawn for another eventful day.


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