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The long-awaited Freshers’ Night 2k15 of IIT Hyderabad arrived with a big bang. There was festive party fervour all over the night in Sarath Community Hall(near ODF market) on October 3rd 2015.The community hall was abuzz with fresher’s chitchat. Needless to say, their excitement was palpable in air. There was a theme for the event. The theme was “filmy” sticking to which the decoration and events were planned accordingly. The opening ceremony of the night started by dialogues of certain artists whenever the disco light spotted on them. Then events started with clap by UG Rep1 Shailesh which resembles as the film making start. Then finalists for Fresh Voice title showed up for their performances.  Then there was club performances by Music club, Drama club and Dance club.

These performances were followed by sumptuous dinner. Then the mains events of the day competitions of Titles of Mr & Ms… started. Previous year Organising team took the part of rightful judgement. After some series of rounds like Ramp walk and Rapid fire round of questions Deepak Nathani and Apurva Bhagat were declared as Mr & Miss fresher respectively. Unnatti Sharma ,Bhavya Kavidi ,B Krishna Revanth and Keshav Chouksey did not lag far behind and stood as finalists.

Based on number of roses obtained to them (which were given to them by peers)  Divya Spoorthy won the Title Miss Rose and Sandhya Madhuri stood as runner-up. Nanda kumar got the title Mr.Popular and Ramesh Naidu stood as runner-up. Based on the no of likes obtained to their photo in competition for photogenic Ram nagesh and Nidhi were declared as Mr & Ms. Photogenic respectively.Fresh voice title was given to Anand Kadu. Students were happy having won their titles of dream.

Prizes were given to the winners.  DJ dance party was held on the day and all the students danced and rejoiced in happiness to the tunes and beats of Dj.

Organising team put up a great show. Their endeavour chained the audience through out the event.


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