We all know that on the birth anniversary of Father of Nation “Mahatma Gandhi” every year October 2nd  is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanthi. In IIT Hyderabad it is part of culture to celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi in a great manner.   This year the event was conducted in hostel premises. The event started with lightning up jyothi followed by paying homages to Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastry. Many students attended this activity and expressed their homages to the great personalities. Honorable’ Prempal sir and  Mahendra Kumar Madhavan Sir showed up their presence and addressed few words. Mahendra kumar Madhavan sir stressed about the importance of cleanliness in our life and importance of Swachh Bharat.

The event was followed by Swach Bharat Campaign around IIT Hyderabad Hostels. Many students actively participated in this activity. Gloves and masks were distributed to the students before the activity and many workers from hostel also came with students.As per Prem Pal Sir, from last year onward after paying homages to Mahatma Gandhi Swachh Bharath Campaign is being conducted in IIT Hyderabad to make students know about   the   importance of cleanliness to keep our  campus  clean and green and NSS,IIT Hyderabad will do many such campaigns in a large-scale for the better welfare of society.

Mahendra Kumar Madhavan Sir says it’s duty of every citizen to habituate cleanliness on their own and he also said the event is also a part of the Clean India Course CI101 for graduating students. Many students actively participated in both the events and made it a huge success.

  Let’s All Support Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan and Make India Better


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