ChEmference 2015

ChEmference’15, sixth national research symposium for chemical engineers was organized by the department of chemical engineering IIT Hyderabad on 5th and 6th December 2015. The event featured talks from the young emerging faculties from all the IIT’s. Prof K VijayRaghavan, secretary DBT, GOI also addressed us through live video conferencing as he could not be present physically due to floods in Chennai. ChEmference 2015 also selected 50 research scholars all over the country to present their work in the form of oral and poster presentations. The papers were evaluated on the basis of novelty, rigor and social impact. The conference covered all the domains of chemical engineering like Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Process Control and Optimization, Energy and Environment, Nanotechnology and many more. Our target was not only to hit the established domains of chemical engineering but to come up with new areas that still need to be nurtured. To achieve our vision to be the most eminent conference of the country, we also added another dimension to ChEmference 2015 in the form of conference proceedings where few selected papers will be published in ‘materials and manufacturing processes, Taylor and Francis group’. The idea is to select the best manuscripts from the accepted 50 manuscripts and publish them, with a vision that it will act as a research igniter, a confidence booster for the young researchers and will motivate them to work even harder and smarter. We also see this as a major quality enhancement from the previous ChEmference’s where a researcher gets an opportunity to be recognized both nationally as well as internationally. We also added a new feature to our conference in the form of E poster session, where the poster presenters were given an opportunity to come on the dais and explain their research in two minutes. This was a real test of their innovation. The cultural event in the form of quwwali by warsi brothers was amazing and appreciated by all.

Therefore, our objective for ChEmference ’15 was to provide researchers, academicians and people from the industry a common platform where they can think, relish and share their ideas. It invited research scholars from all over the country to showcase their innovative solutions to some of problems plaguing society as well as meet and build significant professional connections with the diverse group of people attending. This also provided the perfect opportunity for industrial representatives to identify their interests in specific domains, paving the way for future collaborations.


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