The IITH Dance Crew

Dance, dance…come on now Dance,Dance! Even as you might groove to some peppy numbers, hear us out as we call the Dance Club of IITH to be the next Club of  the Month. Ever since the start of last year, and with  the change of the coordinator of the club and induction of a few fresh faces, passionate about dancing, the club has been rolling.


Participating in  dance events/competitions at notable college festivals,  as of BITS (last year) and IIT Kharagpur(Spring Fest, Jan, 2015), the club has been not only making an impact in its own ways, it has also affirmed the very existence of IITH in Hyderabad and all over India. To call  it just dedication would be too less to say. You can hear the club convene every evening, at the T.V./recreation room beside the Gym to improve and  improvise their dance moves and grooves.

Although not quite known to hold  events and conduct sessions in the College, this club is very much a part of the college’s culture. As the coordinator of the club had once ambitiously claimed that they were going to perform flash mobs and events at various places  in city, one can easily get an understanding of the glorious path the club is  taking.



This time’s Club of the Month is Electronika of the Science & Technology Council Clubs( the Scitech council). With very few slots to conduct events and sessions per se, the club seemingly, has successfully utilised these slots, by holding the maximum number of sessions and events. Some of the events conducted by them include It also has been diligent and dedicated in completing tasks within deadlines. Among the several projects that had been taken up by the members of the club, many have reached a successful completion such as the LED cube, Automatic touchpad and to name a few. With its immense enthusiasm and silent dedication to making and understanding complex circuitry, the club surely deserves a mention among the  chronicles of the Club of the Month!

lexiconThis time’s pick for Get to Know Your Club is the Lexicon, The Literary Society of IITH. Although functioning as a society, it has been formed out of the union of three separate clubs. And after this reboot, it has been holding many quality, weekly events, competing fiercely with the other technical & cultural clubs. Some of these events which the society has been hosting are quizzes, JAM, Shipwreck. Another regular feature of the club has been its blog, on which a new issue is published every fortnight, with articles on various topics like the regular student life to deep philosophical musings. Students, even though not a part of the core team of the society, have submitted their articles for these blog issues too. They have also been actively helping our other clubs and were a part of nvision’14 and have plans to contribute to Elan’15 too. By hosting events regularly, the society has made its presence known and promises to emerge as one of the best student activities organization, among the many that the Institute has seen so far.