ChEmference 2015

ChEmference’15, sixth national research symposium for chemical engineers was organized by the department of chemical engineering IIT Hyderabad on 5th and 6th December 2015. The event featured talks from the young emerging faculties from all the IIT’s. Prof K VijayRaghavan, secretary DBT, GOI also addressed us through live video conferencing as he could not be present physically due to floods in Chennai. ChEmference 2015 also selected 50 research scholars all over the country to present their work in the form of oral and poster presentations. The papers were evaluated on the basis of novelty, rigor and social impact. The conference covered all the domains of chemical engineering like Reaction Engineering and Catalysis, Process Control and Optimization, Energy and Environment, Nanotechnology and many more. Our target was not only to hit the established domains of chemical engineering but to come up with new areas that still need to be nurtured. To achieve our vision to be the most eminent conference of the country, we also added another dimension to ChEmference 2015 in the form of conference proceedings where few selected papers will be published in ‘materials and manufacturing processes, Taylor and Francis group’. The idea is to select the best manuscripts from the accepted 50 manuscripts and publish them, with a vision that it will act as a research igniter, a confidence booster for the young researchers and will motivate them to work even harder and smarter. We also see this as a major quality enhancement from the previous ChEmference’s where a researcher gets an opportunity to be recognized both nationally as well as internationally. We also added a new feature to our conference in the form of E poster session, where the poster presenters were given an opportunity to come on the dais and explain their research in two minutes. This was a real test of their innovation. The cultural event in the form of quwwali by warsi brothers was amazing and appreciated by all.

Therefore, our objective for ChEmference ’15 was to provide researchers, academicians and people from the industry a common platform where they can think, relish and share their ideas. It invited research scholars from all over the country to showcase their innovative solutions to some of problems plaguing society as well as meet and build significant professional connections with the diverse group of people attending. This also provided the perfect opportunity for industrial representatives to identify their interests in specific domains, paving the way for future collaborations.


FotorCreated 1

The long-awaited Freshers’ Night 2k15 of IIT Hyderabad arrived with a big bang. There was festive party fervour all over the night in Sarath Community Hall(near ODF market) on October 3rd 2015.The community hall was abuzz with fresher’s chitchat. Needless to say, their excitement was palpable in air. There was a theme for the event. The theme was “filmy” sticking to which the decoration and events were planned accordingly. The opening ceremony of the night started by dialogues of certain artists whenever the disco light spotted on them. Then events started with clap by UG Rep1 Shailesh which resembles as the film making start. Then finalists for Fresh Voice title showed up for their performances.  Then there was club performances by Music club, Drama club and Dance club.

These performances were followed by sumptuous dinner. Then the mains events of the day competitions of Titles of Mr & Ms… started. Previous year Organising team took the part of rightful judgement. After some series of rounds like Ramp walk and Rapid fire round of questions Deepak Nathani and Apurva Bhagat were declared as Mr & Miss fresher respectively. Unnatti Sharma ,Bhavya Kavidi ,B Krishna Revanth and Keshav Chouksey did not lag far behind and stood as finalists.

Based on number of roses obtained to them (which were given to them by peers)  Divya Spoorthy won the Title Miss Rose and Sandhya Madhuri stood as runner-up. Nanda kumar got the title Mr.Popular and Ramesh Naidu stood as runner-up. Based on the no of likes obtained to their photo in competition for photogenic Ram nagesh and Nidhi were declared as Mr & Ms. Photogenic respectively.Fresh voice title was given to Anand Kadu. Students were happy having won their titles of dream.

Prizes were given to the winners.  DJ dance party was held on the day and all the students danced and rejoiced in happiness to the tunes and beats of Dj.

Organising team put up a great show. Their endeavour chained the audience through out the event.


  We all know that on the birth anniversary of Father of Nation “Mahatma Gandhi” every year October 2nd  is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanthi. In IIT Hyderabad it is part of culture to celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi in a great manner.   This year the event was conducted in hostel premises. The event started with lightning up jyothi followed by paying homages to Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastry. Many students attended this activity and expressed their homages to the great personalities. Honorable’ Prempal sir and  Mahendra Kumar Madhavan Sir showed up their presence and addressed few words. Mahendra kumar Madhavan sir stressed about the importance of cleanliness in our life and importance of Swachh Bharat.

The event was followed by Swach Bharat Campaign around IIT Hyderabad Hostels. Many students actively participated in this activity. Gloves and masks were distributed to the students before the activity and many workers from hostel also came with students.As per Prem Pal Sir, from last year onward after paying homages to Mahatma Gandhi Swachh Bharath Campaign is being conducted in IIT Hyderabad to make students know about   the   importance of cleanliness to keep our  campus  clean and green and NSS,IIT Hyderabad will do many such campaigns in a large-scale for the better welfare of society.

Mahendra Kumar Madhavan Sir says it’s duty of every citizen to habituate cleanliness on their own and he also said the event is also a part of the Clean India Course CI101 for graduating students. Many students actively participated in both the events and made it a huge success.

  Let’s All Support Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan and Make India Better

The convocation

The 4th convocation of Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad was held on 8th August,2015 at permanent campus with great fervency. 358 students received their degree on successful completion of their academic programs. The credentials awarded at the convocation included 127 B.Tech, 7 Dual Degree, 36 MSc, 151 M.Tech, 34 PhD and 3 MPhil degrees.

The ceremony started with the academic procession followed by Chairman, Board of Governors declaring the convocation open.

Dr.Bibek Debroy, Member NITI Aayog, the think tank of Indian Government graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and delivered the Convocation Address. Speaking to the graduating students he said “There are no pearls of wisdom, no pearls of knowledge that I can bestow on you. You have had all of that while being taught at IITH and all I have to offer you is some stray and unstructured remarks. Most people want to make money and indeed there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money. Making money through legitimate means, providing employment is perhaps the best you can do for the welfare and prosperity of the nation. The potential energy that has always existed in India is showing some signs of converting into kinetic energy. You are the future of that prosperous India.  So, go and build that future India so that 30 years from now when you come to an IIT as a chief guest for a convocation ceremony you do not have to say go and build that India because you will know that India has already been built.”

Prof. U. B. Desai, Director of IIT Hyderabad said, “Almost 320 students are receiving their degrees in person today. This is very heart warming for us.” Pointing towards the graduating students, he mentioned, “You are very special to us. You will always occupy a unique place in IIT Hyderabad, a place which is yours for all time to come. As an alumnus you are a very important stake holder in IITH. We always look forward for your contribution to help India become a global economic power. Besides inventions and innovations, ethics and integrity are at the forefront.” He extended his heartiest congratulations to the graduating students. Speaking of the research and innovation opportunities at IIT Hyderabad Prof U.B Desai said “With a seven fold increase in the number of PhD graduates compared to last year, 34 PhDs are receiving their degrees. Once again underlining our focus on research. 40 research projects have been sanctioned in 2014-15. IIT-H has introduced many innovations in academic arena to keep abreast with the aspirations of today’s youth.”

Mr. B.V.R. Mohan Reddy, Chairman of Board of governors said that Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Academia industry collaboration are the 3 things that help students become the creators of jobs rather than job seekers. He emphasized the need for innovation saying they are graduating at a point where technology is driven by innovation in changing the world.

All the graduating students were awarded their degrees and those who were not present were declared to be granted in absentia. Aditya V Kamath, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, Dhwani Kansal, MSc. Chemistry, Navanshu Ahuja, B.Tech in Chemical Engineering were awarded gold medals and the students who secured highest CGPA in their respective departments were awarded silver medals. Aditya V Kamath who received the President’s gold medal for securing the highest CGPA spoke about his experiences and directing to the students, he opined that one should do what he/she wants to do, not what the world decides for him/her.

After the pledge taken by all the new graduates, National Anthem was sung. The convocation ended with the chairman, Board of Governors declaring the convocation closed. With a high tea, the event concluded.

Cultural Orientations


“People don’t expect us IIT’ians to be good at Dance music and drama stuff.” Rightly said by Chetna who was representing ‘Vibes’ the music club of IITH, only to be proved otherwise by the spectacular performances by the seniors of the respective clubs. The Cultural orientations, aimed at drawing freshermen to the respective clubs, started around 8:30 pm, right after dinner, a phase when even the slightest boredom can induce sleep even in the most active of minds. The crowd didn’t show even a sign of it.

The orientations started with the Music Clubs powerful songs, when “The Rock star” Souraj Mandal, as called by his fellow band members, sang the famous song “The summer of 69” only for mike testing! What followed was some soulful performances by Pranavi, Joshua, Chetna, concluding with the entire hall humming to the tunes of popular Bollywood songs “Jaraasi dilme de jagah tu” and “Bhaag D.K Bose”, wherein even the culty secy, Mr. Rushikesh Alle(dance club lead) was seen playing some part on the Mike.

The Music club was followed by the VFX club showcasing their talents in film making and edits, with some funny videos of Students with some excellent edits. The movies club (“Behind the Lens”) made a cute video involving a lot of freshmen in a timeline followed by a teaser for their upcoming movie.

The Lights went dizzy when came on stage, “The Dance Club”, Led by Mr Rushikesh Alle, Cultural secretary of IITH and the crowd was witness to one of the best dance performances that ever happened in the campus. What made this performance look brighter was the fact that the club doesn’t rely on a choreographer for their steps and are in fact their true steps. Perhaps, such a responsive audience can spark even the dullest of events, let alone such talented dancers swaying on their self-structured beats! There weren’t any words required to attract the crowd to the club as the dance had its own voice that said “Join Us”.

The dance club was then replaced on stage by Ms Sukrutha who was representing ‘Gesture’, the Arts club of IITH. Considered as one of the most active clubs of IITH in view of organising various events, Ms Sukrutha urged the freshmen to partake in as many events as possible and discover their inner talents.

The photography club (Infocus) flew in with the Quad copter, its last year project in collaboration with the Sci-tech club, as a symbol of fusing art and technology. Some master clicks were put on display on the giant screen leaving many jaws in suspended animation. With a promise that of teaching cool photography skills to all, Infocus paved way to the Showstopper of the night, Rang de Manch!

Starting with a brief intro of the club members, in their own dramatic way, began the performance depicting the life of an IITian as he enters this new world of geeks. From the 1st day of hostel life to ‘interaction’ with seniors to the last day of exams and grades, the act said it all. The background sound clips were as catchy as they were humorous, combined with the mind blowing acts left everyone in laughter.

And the curtains were drawn for another eventful day.

Friendship race


The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad carried on with the annual “Friendship Race” on 2nd August, Friendship Day, as a welcome event for the freshmen. The friendship race symbolizes strength and unity in the IITH community. The race was 3 kms for men and 2kms for women and it started with the Director (Chest no 1) as per tradition.

The race had 3 categories for participation, Men up to 35 years, Men above 35 years and women. Both the 3km and 2km stretch started near the boys’ hostel and terminated near the institute building of the temporary campus in the ODF estate. The provisions during the race were credible with checkpoints and glucose points at regular intervals and an ambulance for emergency. The event was carried out smoothly with no adversities.

The race concluded with Arul Poomalai, chest no 153, securing the 1st place in men below 35years, followed by Kiran kumar Kandula, chest no 241 and Murali Krishna, chest no 179, securing the 2nd and third positions respectively. The Men’ senior category concluded in Dr. Anil Agarwal securing the 1st place, followed by Dr. Prem Pal and Director, Dr. U.B. Desai respectively. The women’s race witnessed Banapuram Deepika chest no 69 crossing the finish line first, M Tejaswini, chest no 51, and Anjana Babu B chest no 82, being the runner-ups. Keshav Aske, a Btech 2nd year when asked about the race, said, “ I have been to this race past 2 years and I always look forward to it. Such events in an IIT should always be encouraged and I feel happy to be a part of it.”

The winners of the race were awarded for their success by the Director. The race was followed by refreshments to the likes of every contestant.

Bonding over fire…

The beauty of getting to know a new friend over the fire with different thoughts but in one family, IITH. All of them the seniors have been in that place of being a freshman in this campus, hence it’s an initiative that paves the way to break some ice. Nevertheless, the seniors made sure the little ones who just became a part of the campus feel comfortable in this seemingly new world.

Music helps people bond better over some nice chatting. The Rock bands of IITH gave a spectacular performance, the dance club swayed themselves and the audience to some hip rocking numbers. The presence of our director added an aura to the star studded night. Loads of information exchanged, and common interests emerged with the awesome conversations that lighted up the night. The air was filled with fun and joy, as people tapped their feet to the peppy numbers and a sense of belonging, a sense of togetherness and most importantly a sense of trust and friendship was nurtured amongst all those present there. Though it’s (the bond’s) just a sapling now, it will surely bloom and the fruits of joy would be there for all to reap. The night ended with lots of new memories and a few lovely friendships which we hope will last every spring and storm.