Registration and Orientation


It has been more than a week since the freshmen, batch of 2k15 have joined IIT-H. Indisputably, it is the orientations which happen all through the 1st and 2nd weeks of their arrival that let them form a portrayal of the happenings/stay here. Like every year, after the formal orientation programs on first 2 days and the departmental orientations, the senior students here involve in introducing to freshmen the fests, clubs that come under student body, Gymkhana. ELAN, our Techno Cultural fest, N-Vision, the Technical fest, The Cultural Council of Student Gymkhana, NSS and NSO had completed their orientations by now.

The stage was all set. The hall held people to its capacity. While the people near the stage checked the speaker and mike connections, the audience got slightly immersed in chit chatting. The orientation started then with one of the core/managers attracting everyone’s attention, presenting the whole team of the fest. The coordinators of “Hospitality” domain gave a presentation outlining the work that is usually done and made it more clear by displaying the photos of last year with their team of volunteers doing works right from aiding and guiding the participants who join the fest by sitting at help desk, registering them for various events to giving out the prizes and certificates. The welcoming and festivity begins at the college’s entrance itself during the fest and that credit is the creative team’s. The art works and the innovative designing of posters during publicity was shown and “Photoshop” was introduced under the “Creatives” domain. Every sincere effort of those people on the stage to let the new comers get inclined and volunteer for the domain they find fascinating takes us to thinking of the backstage work the team of fests carry out.

The team of ELAN and N-Vision having got selected through the series of interviews that catch attention of almost every student in the campus take on the responsibilities according to their respective domains. The very first exposure of their work to the freshmen is through orientations. It would seem like a cacophony for outsiders but to the ones inside it was something important. With the walls of the room 401 witnessing the intense conversations, “That’s awesome” said one of the members.”No… No it’s downright simple, the presentation must bring about eagerness in the audience,” said another. The discussions go on with varied opinions, ideas being considered until an agenda turns up to be the final one. Any of the IITH students who encounter this would soon figure out that preparations for nvision/elan orientations are going on. The co-ordinators of N-Vision/Elan are entrusted with the responsibility of making the first best impression to freshers and lure as many of them into their respective domains as volunteers.

Let us come back to the event to listen to the person on the stage speaking about how important publicity is to a fest. Once in a while, their sentences became interrogative in order to let the audience speak out or yell out will be appropriate to say. The “Events” and “Marketing” works were described to be playing a prominent role in impacting each other and several other domains too. Having been delivered the specific works of all other domains including “Finance”, “Infrastructure” and “Web designing”, the audience now seemed to be engrossed in deciding which domain to contribute to. The orientation ended with coordinators looking for a maximum volunteer count also letting the delight evident on their faces.

Thus, every sphere of activity contributing so well to the fest was made clear that day.


Won the Caltech Space Challenge -2015

Shanti Swaroop Kandala, a PHD student from mechanical and aerospace engineering was felicitated ­­for having won the Caltech Space Challenge -2015. He was also a member of the team that designed Studstat-1, the first picosatellite launched by India as well as the smallest satellite launched indigenously by any Indian organisation.

The Caltech Space Challenge is a 5-day international student space mission design competition.  Shanti Swaroop was one among the 32 student applicants who were selected from a pool of 220 applicants from 104 worldwide universities. These 32 students were divided into two multidisciplinary teams, Team Explorer and Team Voyager. Each team is challenged to design a mission to land humans on an asteroid brought back to lunar orbit, extract the asteroid’s resources and demonstrate their use. NASA-JPL and Caltech faculties mentored the two teams to help them develop their mission plans. The challenge concluded with final presentations at Caltech and the submission of a final report. The outstanding presentation of Team Voyager and success in turning their technically detailed report into a compelling story for the audience served as an upper hand in making them stand as winners of the 2015 Caltech Space Challenge!

Foundation Day


Regarded as one of the premier institutes across the country, The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad celebrated its 7th Foundation Day on Wednesday, 25th March 2015. The attendees got an opportunity to interact with Former Director of Bhabha Atomic research Centre (BARC) Dr. Anil Kakodkar as Honorable Chief Guest for the Day. The proceedings started with lighting of the lamp, followed by a welcome address by the Director, Dr. U.B. Desai, which revolved around the research program at IIT Hyderabad, and expressed his pleasure to have worked with Dr. Kakodkar in the past. The success of the research program in the institute can be seen in the rapid increase in the no. of students enrolling for the same. The welcome speech was followed by a brief introduction of Dr. Kakodkar, chairman of The Atomic Energy Commission of India, Director on Central Board of Reserve Bank of India, INAE Satish Dhawan Chair of Engineering Eminence at BARC and a Padma Sri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awardee. The session progressed with a lecture by Dr. Kakodkar on “IIT’s as drivers of National Development”. The lecture focused on important issues of the country and why the youth of India is one of the country’s greatest assets, why empowering the youth is a preliminary requirement for development of the nation we dream of. He explained the key role of IIT’s in education and how the premier institutes have played a major role in creating higher standards, higher benchmarks for many institutes. However, he also focused on the responsibility the institutes across the nation have for innovating better technology, better culture, a better generation, a better India. Dr. Kakodkar senses the need for increase in the number of PHD students in the country, for he believes, progress can be achieved only if we promote research and development studies across the country. The Lecture was succeeded by Dr. Kakodkar felicitating the toppers of respective departments with ‘The Academic Excellence Award’. The award was presented to students who were 1st in their respective departments in their batch on the basis of highest CGPA, and also to those who have published research papers while studying at the Institute. A few teachers were also awarded for excellence in teaching on the basis student’s feedback. The award had the goal of promoting excellence in academics and research amongst the students in the IIT. The Honorable chief guest was presented with a ‘silicon wafer’ prepared by the students of IIT Hyderabad in the laboratory along with a token of appreciation. The event concluded in a ‘High Tea’ with various delightful snacks adding to the contentment of people.

DJ & ICE CREAM NIGHT!!!__But first let me take a #selfie

DJ Night

It was a night for all nerds, geeks, brainiacs and bookworms of IITH to rest their brains and tap their feet for the DJ artist Ronnie Bassroller. He was invited by IITH to perform in the hostel grounds and made students resonant to his rhythmic music. On the surreal evening, students unconcerned about their assignments, projects and all their worries and flocked to the 900 series quadrangle. Sometimes, music is the only thing that gets our mind off everything else and people scorched the dance floor to the wonderful music beats. People competed with the weather, to “eat ice cream faster than it melts”. So many flavors… such a long queue…..The fear of not getting our best choice of flavors sent the crowd into frenzy.

End of the mid-semester, what can be better in this IIT Hyderabad campus and sweltering weather. DJ playing the music of our own choice, giving every possible dance moves to even unheard music remixing every now and then; it helped everybody to let their hair down and loose their feet. Belgian chocolate with a dash of our own choice of toppings had made it nothing less than the best. Even the lighting and ambiance says, “It’s the party tonight”. The cool photo sessions with fun props… Was like a cherry on the cake. It was more of a show stealer and break off from the dance floor when feet were too tired. One of the students was quoted saying, “tonight gave us great and everlasting refreshment and lots of fun. Thanks for all this, a sort of a perfect break and hope to see more of this fun…!”

The Blood Harvest 13th April 1919, Amritsar.

Jallianwala Bagh

“The crowd was unarmed, except with bludgeons. It was not attacking anybody or anything. When fire had been opened upon it to disperse it, it tried to run away. Pinned up in a narrow place considerably smaller than Trafalgar Square, with hardly any exits, and packed together so that one bullet would drive through three or four bodies, the people ran madly this way and the other. When the fire was directed upon the center, they ran to the sides. The fire was then directed to the sides. Many threw themselves down on the ground, the fire was then directed down on the ground. This was continued to 8 to 10 minutes, and it stopped only when the ammunition had reached the point of exhaustion” described Winston Churchill, then Secretary of State for War.

Today, ninety six years later, let’s not forget the sacrifices of the unknown many, let’s rethink for a moment, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the freedom we own didn’t take the efforts to solve a jigsaw puzzle of India, but was a result of these unsaid struggles, unsung stories, and unnamed martyrs of this free nation.

Sports Leagues 2015

Annually at IITH, January signals the start of some awesome sporting events. The first of them are the sports leagues. Some emphatic events that follow are Inter department tournaments, where faculty and students of various  departments battle it out on the sports arena for ultimate glory.
Of these sports leagues, the oldest has been the Basket Ball league, the one that happened this January being the fourth edition. Several other notable leagues are, the Football league, the Cricket League, the Hockey League and the Badminton League.Each of these are played to a large extent equivalent to their professional counterparts, wherein, Managers and Players experience the ultimate test for glory.
As Managers competed to obtain their best buys during auctions to the Players trying to redeem their value and attract attention on the courts and field, this season of sports leagues had the complete mix of adrenaline rush and emotions and blood and sweat and injuries.
The path to glory is never ever rosy.

Elan 2015

Elan. The one word which would make every IITHian stop at his tracks and overhear the conversation. Elan. The time that most of the IITHians look forward to in their even semester, as they take their weekends off all their work be it studies or play, to hang out with friends and eat out at the various food stalls. The time when you get to participate in events for glory and redemption. The time when the dedication and creativity of a team working for over an year on an idea is tangible. The time when there is no room for sorrow or any negative emotion whatever!


And this time too it didn’t disappoint From the introduction of new events like Wheel of Fortune and Conversation Coffee to the oldies like Poker and singing events like, Vibrazione to the innovative quiz events like Mela quiz and serious technical events like Robowars, where bots fight to destruction, to  night shows by rock bands Spaghetiffy and Shock Therapy, Elan had it all.

Elan had it all, for those who came there to play, enjoy and let go of all their stress. Elan had it all for all those with a mellifluous voice and tight grooves.Elan had it all for the quizzers and the literary genius. Elan had it all for the people with an open mind, the people who wanted to live with elan!